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Client Profile

Name: Yale School of Management
Contact: Walter Mullen, Program Management Officer, IT
Location: New Haven, CT
Industry: Higher Education
Business Description: Teaching, Research, Service, Preservation of Knowledge
Demographics: Approximately 500 Master’s and Ph.D. Students; 129 Faculty; 150 Staff

Client's Pain Point

The data points and level of detail that our IT development, client/media services and systems staff are most interested in tracking are often not the same as what management needs to track about project deliverables and status. Before using Roadmap, our weekly project review meetings involved going through a master list of active projects that, with full project detail, was over 50 pages long. Everyone involved was frustrated, and most felt that the entire project management process was a complete waste of time.


Our developers had settled on Basecamp as most useful to them, but reporting out of Basecamp did not give us the flexibility we needed. Roadmap gives us the ability to define custom groups and other custom attributes for selection, sorting and display in reports which we can export to Excel. We are able to easily capture the information we are most interested in from Basecamp along with the type of summary information most needed for management and for monitoring project status using Roadmap.


  • Our earlier 50 page reports have been reduced to reports of 2 or 3 pages
  • Development, client/media services, and systems staff can use Basecamp the way they need to, and management can add additional tracking data in Roadmap to facilitate project monitoring; everyone gets the level of detail they need without extraneous information
  • The Roadmap product just keeps getting better, and support is outstanding. I continue to be amazed when Roadmap gets in touch with me to say that their logs indicate that I seem to be having a problem of some sort, and they are investigating solutions. The problems are very rare, but they get them resolved incredibly quickly.
  • We will be experimenting with the resource tracking options of Roadmap in the next quarter, and are very optimistic about their usefulness in giving us even better project monitoring information without requiring extensive data entry by our IT development, client/media services and systems staff

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