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Client Profile

Contact: Olivier Wallien, Business Principal
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Industry: Management Consulting / Business Transformation
Demographics: 20 employees in HQ based in the Netherlands

Client's Pain Point

GWYNT generally manages programmes with longer lead times (>12 months) and a large scope related to change management and operational excellence. Most programmes are divided into separate projects with their own deliverables, milestones and planning.

Our programme managers need to obtain a good overview of the progress and issues of each of the projects. Futhermore it is crucial to communicate the status of separate projects and the full programme on a frequent basis to our customer. A programme could have up to 12 projects and >20 team members.


Basecamp is used in the project teams to determine milestones, share files and action lists and communicate with messages. Roadmap is used to create status reports of the overall programme and visually present the project milestones (Gantt chart).


Basecamp lacks graphical presentation of the project status and programme status. With Roadmap we are able to reduce the programme administration time by 50%. We used to create the overviews in Excel, but with the automatic import form Basecamp and the Gantt chart we create the overview quickly.

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